mandag, april 09, 2007

Verktøy for Media-håndtering / Web2

Det trengs verktøy for å håndtere brukergenerert innhold i store mediebedrifter som NRK. Det må f. eks finnes gode verktøy for å håndtere blogging, forum, leksikon, bildearkiv og tv og radio inn/av-spiller.

Returia - Norwegain Broadcasting Corp (NRK) (Norway)

Returia is a system that puts together the recption of all incoming messages from NRKs users. That includes from SMS, MMS, e-mail, WAP, web forms, digital TV, video from 3G phones, IVR voting, Java and Symbian clients, etc. The moderation of all kinds of messages/votes/quizzes are done in the one system. Before building this, NRK had to use 12 different systems to monitor/moderate these messages from users.