tirsdag, mai 06, 2008

What is HD?

HD v.s. SD from alexVfilms on Vimeo.Here you can read a piece from the information page on Vimeo about HD.
HD stands for “high definition”, it means much higher quality video than the old TV system we’ve been using since the 1940s. HD video is richer, clearer, and more life-like than standard TV and even DVDs. It’s a major leap that doesn’t take an expert to appreciate.
See some differences SD and HD here Read the whole article here
The quote for Vimeo during one week is 500MB, so it’s a good idea to compress your video down from phenomenally high quality to just amazingly high quality. We recommend using the H.264 codec at size 1280×720, bit rate kbits/sec (optimized for “download”), key frame every 30 frames (frame reordering on), using whatever frame rate you shot in. For sound, use AAC at 128kbps in stereo. This is what your export window should look like using Quicktime on a Mac:

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