søndag, juni 01, 2008


A new site designed especially for Moving Journalists MOJOs called mojoevolution has been born. The difference between VJs (Video Journalists ) and MOJOs is that a MOJO is more of a collector depending on connectors, or let me call them media conductors. A MOJO will typically collect material for a story and probably just do a rough edit so that he /she can transfer it to the edit room and connector in charge. A traditional VJ edit his own story for the evening news or video on the web. Of course it´s difficult to draw the line here. In my organization many VJs do the hole story for TV, Web and radio before their working day is over.
Some of us are quite flattered to work minimalistic using only cellar phones for recording.
About pulling and pushing content to the edit room from the phone.... check out this article

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