søndag, april 04, 2010

Tips for videojournalister.

Glen Canning er en videojournalist i California som samler mye om temaet VJ: http://videojournalist.ca Her prøver han nå å samle opp tips for nettopp VS`s Jeg har kommentert med noen råd selv og under her prøver jeg meg med litt engelsk.

Thank you for good tips. It great to share this way.
I will try to make a page on my own blog as well about shooting technics. Already I have like “what to pack for reportage in Africa.
Here i can ad a couple more tips. Anyway they are in my opinion….
I don`t interrupt when something happens, when there is a "situation". If I not am ready, I have lost it. I try to avoid another take.

But I might use the situation to ask a question that suits my story or gives it the direction I want.
I have to consider if I interrupt (make people nervous) by putting on a transmitter-mic, and in the same way if I turn on camera light / put up lights. Often we do "disturb" and I am aware that this might destroy the authentic look. Don`t spoil a situation because you must white balance the camera and also I aviod white paper in front of a intervue object. I tend to move my body (the camera) instead of zooming in. (Shoot and move) When I move the camera I let the background change significant . That is about 30 degrees.
Sjekk videre ut denne "Advice for multimedia journalists" av Adam Westbroo

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